Photography Tips & Tricks To Create Unique Content For Social Media

Organic content is what most people resonate with on social media and engage with more because they can relate to it better. Avoid using downloaded content, organic content may be just what your business needs.

Establish Your Brand's Photography Style

Examine your branding and write down some keywords that stand out to you as describing the personality of your organisation and its target audience. At Mdz Digital Space, for example, we have a brand colour palette of green tones that express energy, excitement, positivism, and a touch of weirdness.   Make a vision board to be able to visualise how you wish your brand identity to be like, and collect images of other photographers on Pinterest. With all of the pictures you’re collecting, you’ll start to notice a theme emerge relatively quickly.

Identify Your Audience

Understanding target audiences is critical to the success of any marketing effort because customers will feel a connection to your brand, it also gives you direction on how you should build and present your content on your socials

What Is A Target Audience?

A target audience is a group of consumers defined by their activity and demographics, such as female extreme athletes aged 18 to 25.

Brainstorming styling ideas:

For Businesses That Are Service-Based:

  • Share what tools you use to do your job.
  • Show how you organize your work. 
  • There are certain key points that are unique to your business. Create a clean, branded template to share those key points across your social channels.
  • Photos from behind the scenes are always popular. People enjoy putting a face to a name. Show your team to your audience.

For Businesses That Are Product-Based:

  • Show people what your product is made of, the raw materials. 
  • Showcase all elements of how your product is made. Your clients will appreciate it more when they see the craft that goes behind the end product they see.
  • Show customer interaction. Show your product being used by customers and how it is used.

Organic content makes you relatable to your audience, thus grabbing their attention, and, well, let’s just say attention is the new capital.

How To Prepare For Shooting Content

Photoshoots don’t have to be expensive affairs involving thousands of rands in professional equipment and props. All you need is a nice setting or backdrop, good lighting, a quality camera or a newer model iPhone, and your imagination. You’ll definitely need that.

Make a list of all the photos and setups you intend to shoot. Include all of the equipment and props you’ll need to stay on track and on target on the day of the shoot.

What Do I Need For A Successful Photoshoot?

  1. Ensure you have selected your desired background or backdrop properly
  2. Take shots in a variety of styles and groups. Take a few photographs of each concept from various perspectives and distances so you can decide which one you like most. Having variations in composition adds visual appeal, which is vital in visual planning for grid layout sites such as Instagram.
  3. Have good lighting
  4. To keep things moving, gather all of your props and backgrounds ahead of time.
  5. If possible, have an extra pair of hands on hand. It aids in setup and switching from shot to shot, as well as conducting interactive or action shots.
  6. Take several photos with negative space to use for text overlays. They’re ideal for advertisements and special promotional pictures!
  7. Grouping shots that make use of the same or similar setup, props, and background reduces setup time.

How To Organise Your Content To Share It Easily on Social Media

Once you get into the habit of making your own creative content, you’ll realise how simple it is to generate a large bank of beautiful content. 

  1. Once done editing. Make a separate folder for each month of the year.
  2. Make another folder for special dates or holidays for which you may want to produce material. This will save you the trouble of searching through your files for time-sensitive photographs.
  3. Drop your photographs directly into the proper folder after each shoot.
  4. We relocate images that have been placed on a platform to a folder labeled “Used” so that we can keep track of what is still fresh and ready to upload.

Now go out there and be great, produce awesome content!!!